Aside from paying Contractors and Vendors, you can now receive payments from your Clients through Invoices.

STEP 1: On your RemoteTeam dashboard, click on Invoices > Outgoing Invoices.

STEP 2: Click the New Outgoing Invoice button.

STEP 3: Select the Client that you will be sending the Invoice to from the dropdown and click Create button. You also have an option to add a new client by clicking the New Client button. Steps on adding a new client are discussed on this article How to Add Clients for Invoice Payments.

STEP 4: Fill in the details of the Invoice - Due Date, Notes , Invoice Currency, File (if you need to attach any file or document), Description (details of what you are paying for and amount). You can add multiple items by clicking the Add Item button.

Once the details have been added, click Save as Draft button (to save for later submission) or Save and Submit button to finish it.

Your client will receive an email as soon as you submitted the Invoice. You also have an option to print the Invoice by clicking the Print Invoice button.

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