STEP 1: On your RemoteTeam dashboard, click your name (or right arrow) on the lower left of the menu. Then click Settings.

STEP 2: Click the Enable Two-Factor Authentication button.

STEP 3: Click the Authenticator App tab. On your mobile phone, download Google Authenticator (or any similar authenticator app like Microsoft Authenticator, Authy and LastPass Authenticator). Then scan the QR code showing on the setup page.

STEP 4: Put in the code generated by the authenticator app on the Pin code field and click on the Register with Two-Factor button.

STEP 5: One more important thing that needs to be done is saving your Recovery Codes. You will need them in case you lose access to your device and need to disable 2FA on your account. Click on Manage Two-Factor Authentication button to access your Recovery Codes.

Now that you have 2FA enabled, whenever you log in to your RemoteTeam dashboard, you will need to use the generated code from your Authenticator app.

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