Here is an explanation of each tab in the side menu under Payroll.


This section shows the Completed and Not Completed payrolls.

You could also add additional earnings to your payroll. Here is an article on How to add additional earnings to your payroll

How about adding deductions? You could do that as well by following the article on How to add deductions to payroll?


This is where you manage the people using payroll.

How do you add team member(s) to your Payroll? Here is our guide. How to Add a Team Member to the Payroll.

In case you need to remove a team member from a payroll, here's How to delete an employee from the payroll?


This section shows your payment history.

You can also export to .csv as well as filter by date and payment status.

Overtime Policies:

This is where you manage overtime policies for your team members.

Here is a guide on How to Create a New Overtime Policy for your remote company.

Payroll Calendars:

This is where you manage your Payroll Calendars.

To start, you will need to set up your Payroll Calendar before running your payroll.

Next, you can add team members to your payroll calendar following this guide: How do I add a team member to a created payroll calendar?

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