***Take note that when doing this setup, you must be logged in to your Harvest account using the same browser where you have RemoteTeam opened.***

STEP 1: Go to the Remote Apps page on your RemoteTeam's dashboard. You can see the Harvest app under the Time Tracking category. Click on the View button, which will take you to the installation page.

STEP 2: Click the Connect button to set up the app.

STEP 3: You need to connect your Harvest Account with RemoteTeam. If you confirm, please click the Connect Harvest button.

STEP 4: You need to allow the Remote Team access to your account. If you confirm, please click the Authorize App button.

STEP 5: Please choose your Harvest Account ID and Harvest Plan in the relevant input. Then, click the Next button.

STEP 6: After this, in People Section, you will see Team Members registered in your Harvest. Also, RemoteTeam will automatically match them by their email.

STEP 7: You can add/remove a team member to Harvest using the Remote Team Dashboard.

  • Click the People not Using Harvest then Add to Harvest button to add a team member to Harvest

  • Click the People Using Harvest then Delete from Harvest button to remove a team member from Harvest.

STEP 8: You can see the time entries of team members using Harvest from the Time Entries Section.

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