There are two ways on how to check-in and check-out using the Check-in App.

First is through your dashboard, you should see Check-In on the left menu.

Second is through the Check-Ins menu.

STEP 1: On your RemoteTeam dashboard, click on Check-Ins.

STEP 2: Click on the Check-in button and start working.

STEP 3: Once done working for the day, click on the Check-out button.

STEP 4: You can now add a description (what you worked on, etc.) on your tracked time. Just click the Add Description link, put in the information and click the Save Description button.

By default, team members are not able to edit their Check-in times. You can request your company admins to enable this for you. Please refer to this article How to Allow Team Members to Edit their Check-in Times.

Once that is enabled, you can now Edit your Worked Times in Check-in App.

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