STEP 1: Team Members should go to the "Time Offs" tab on their RemoteTeam dashboard.

STEP 2: Select which Time Off Policy you would like to make a request from.

Click Details to view the details about this time policy, including your current balance, start date, and next reset date.

STEP 3: Fill in the required fields to make a new request.

Time off policy: The time off policy you select will automatically be filled here. If you have other policies assigned to you, you can select them by clicking on the field.

Dates: In this section, fill in how many days/hours you want to request. If employees want to select a date range, they must first click the start day and then the end day.

Employees can also separately set how many hours within each day they want to request off. First, select the days, then you can set the hours. Listed hours in this section cannot be higher than the number of hours defined for the employee.

Notes: If desired, the employee can leave a note for their manager and company administrator(s) in this section.

STEP 4: Click Submit to complete the time-off request, which send it to the employee's manager for approval.

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