Time off is a great addition to any remote company that wants to make employees happy and more productive. Here's how to use our Time Off App to create a perfect Time Off policy for your remote team.

How does the Time Off App work?

RemoteTeam Time Off App allows you to create time-off policies with custom settings for your employees and then assign your employees to these policies. Then your employees can also request time off depending on the specific policies they've been assigned to.

What is the general procedure of Time Off App?

Firstly, admins who have authority in company management create a new time-off policy with the custom settings they can set. Then, they assign an available time off policy to be used by the employees. An employee then requests time off within their assigned policies. After the employee's request, the admin will either approve or reject the request.

Admins and employees will be notified by email and dashboard notifications when these requests and responses are made.

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