What is RemoteTeam.com?

RemoteTeam.com is first, an HR platform for remote companies. Second, a people ops tool for remote teams. And third, a management tool. We have a payroll app, a tax compliance tool, and a time-off platform, which are the core apps that help companies automate their HR activities. 

We also have team management, inventory, check-in, reimbursement, and other applications that make up our people ops platform. 

These, together with our integration of the best and cheapest payment platforms around the world, our own internal payment system that allows you to pay overseas employees in over 200 countries, and a document signing platform make RemoteTeam.com the complete management tool for any remote company out there.

How does RemoteTeam.com work?

RemoteTeam works simply based on your needs as a remote company. But first, you just have to register. Log into your account. Onboard your remote employees. And start working on whatever you want to achieve, whether you want to seamlessly pay them or keep payroll. 

What can I do with RemoteTeam.com?

As a remote company, there are a lot of things you can do with RemoteTeam.com. In fact, it will overwhelm you. Want to see them? Continue reading.

1. You can pay your remote employees

We have an internal payment system that allows you to pay your employees in over 200 countries. We’re also integrated with Transferwise, Payoneer, and more to let you pay employees seamlessly, cheaper, and faster.

2. You get to keep a comprehensive payroll

Payroll is daunting and you don’t want to be stuck doing it yourself with all the cumbersome spreadsheets. With our payroll app, you get to keep track of your employee compensations, deductions, and commissions, without any trouble.

3. Automate compensation

Imagine having 10 to 20 remote employees and wanting to calculate who takes what, who gets a commission, and who doesn’t? It steals your time. Our platform allows you to automate everything, so you can pay up to 100 remote employees all at once. You get to automate the process so that everything calculates itself once the month ends and employees' payments are sent to them instantly, to their payment system of choice.

4. Comply with the tax laws as a remote company

If you’re a US company employing the services of people in different countries, it can be daunting when it’s time to file taxes. There’s always confusion on which type of documents to collect from your employees and more. Our tax compliance app automates the process for you and helps you collect the necessary documents needed from your employees to file your taxes at the end of the year.

5. Measure and sync productivity

We have integrated the best time tracking systems into our platform. Amazingly, we have also linked these productivity measures with payroll. With this, you can seamlessly measure worked hours and overall productivity of all your remote employees. And you don’t need to do any manual calculations. Our system automatically syncs all together and lets you know how much each employee takes at the end of the month based on your inputs.

6. Monitor your employee expenses and reimburse them

In the course of performing their duties, your employees will like to make certain expenditures that have to do with work. But how do you know when they’re on a different continent or country? Our reimbursement application helps you and your employees to track expenditure. Employees can upload their expenditure, including a training program they participated in or a coworking space membership, as well as receipts of these transactions. This allows you to verify their expenditure and pay them either as part of their monthly salary or separately. 

7. Document creation and signage

If you’re a remote company, you’ll know that hiring employees require a lot of paperwork, in our course, PDFwork. That’s why we have a document signing system. You don’t need to worry. We have templates of NDAs and many other documents that you can use for your own remote company. Additionally, we have a built-in signing system so no need for employees to download documents, sign, and upload. All they do is open the document in our system, sign, and you’ll be notified. 

8. Inventory management

As a remote company, sometimes you will want to buy things for your employees. Maybe a company t-shirt as a gift. A mobile phone on their birthday. Or company laptops for new employees. Since they’re located in different countries, our inventory management system helps you to assign these items to your employees no matter their location. It also allows you to track these items until they get to their destination. 

Already overwhelmed? We’re not surprised, because we have even more features waiting for you apart from those mentioned above. 

Start managing your remote company now!

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